Redefining Motherhood

EP. 17 - A New Beginning

February 20, 2022 Lynn Turcotte-Schuh, Educator & Mama Mentor Season 2 Episode 17
Redefining Motherhood
EP. 17 - A New Beginning
Show Notes

My Gram was my BFF, my lighthouse in the storm, my hero. We talked about everything from gardening and crafting to the meaning of life and current affairs. She was the one person in my life that I knew I could say anything to without judgment.

And she sparked the new voice of this podcast, the new goal for our community and the new mission for Happy Mama Wellness in general. Curious? Good! Check out this episode.

🙏💕 Lynn

P.S. - Here's the Jasmine Star Podcast episode I was referring to! Make sure you go check it out!


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