Redefining Motherhood

Ep. 18 - Fitting YOU Back Into Your Schedule

February 25, 2022 Lynn Turcotte-Schuh, Karen Brien Season 2 Episode 18
Redefining Motherhood
Ep. 18 - Fitting YOU Back Into Your Schedule
Show Notes

"You are worth it and you are totally capable of making positive changes in your life so that you can be the best version of yourself."

Can you feel the love? I know I can.

This conversation with Karen, started off with how to fit YOU back into your schedule and ended with one of the best pep talks I've gotten in a long time. Her take on holistic health and wellness is so refreshing and I can't wait for you to meet her. So let's just dive right in.


Karen Brien is a Nutrition Coach and Mom of three living in California. For most of her adult life she struggled with body insecurities and her self-image only got worse after having children. Her energy and confidence were at an all time low and she struggled to be fully present for her family, friends, and colleagues.

Then she committed to making a change. She dove into education surrounding nutrition, exercise, and wellness and developed systems to hold herself accountable. In the process she not only lost over 25 pounds, she gained confidence, energy, and abundance. As a result, her relationships today are more fulfilling than ever and she is helping other moms find themselves again.

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