Redefining Motherhood

Ep. 30 - Decluttering Your Home to Declutter Your Mind with Eliza Martel

June 17, 2022 Lynn Turcotte-Schuh, Eliza Martel Season 2 Episode 30
Redefining Motherhood
Ep. 30 - Decluttering Your Home to Declutter Your Mind with Eliza Martel
Show Notes

I could not be more excited about today's guest. Not only is she one of the Mentors inside the Happy Mama Wellness Community, but she is the expert I never knew I needed in my life. And her name is Eliza Martel.

Welcome back to another episode of Redefining Supermom where we are breaking down the myth and redefining what it means to be a super awesome Mama. Eliza helps her clients create intentional spaces for intentional living and today, she shares her journey as a Mamapreneur, the philosophy she follows when organizing and the mental freedom she has found by decluttering her space.

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Eliza Martel is a professional home organizer and interior designer. Before starting Staged by Eliza, she was a full-time stay at home mom of two. She knows first-hand how a cluttered home can be frustrating and overwhelming. It was through her decluttering journey that she was able to find herself and gain a clear understanding on how to help other women. She focuses her efforts to help women declutter and organize their home, so it is working for them not against them. By working with an individual’s organizing style, the space becomes easier to use and maintain. 

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

The Clutterbug Philosophy - Cassandra Aarssen

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